The Crusaders in Greece





Aris Poulianos

Miltiadis Tsapogas
Beetlejuice, N. Koumartzis
The title of this article might bring you to mind a possible charge, visit etc. of the legendary knights of the cross in Greece. If you are not aware of the history of the Frankish rule in our country, you will probably wonder why I make this kind of introduction.
The most important Greek paleoanthropologist gave to us an interesting interview full of information into a friendly, warm and hospitable atmosphere. He talked to us about his childhood dreams, the hardships he experienced in his life, his own career, the great discoveries on the impressive Petralona cave and his future dreams.



The Dark History of Greece



The Sphinx of Samothrace




Is the NDEs Evidence for Survival?

Alex Sabell
“Dedicated to those nations that get along through time without learning from the mistakes of the past…and to those people who live in the now, without considering that this consists of nothing else but a continuation of yesterday and an omen of tomorrow…”
At the mountainous mass of the Samothrace's capital (Hora), opposite the medieval castle, appears a strange and mysterious creation, that some call dragon, others lizard, and others still sphinx.
Two possible interpretations for NDEs were laid out. Either we have a causally contained universe with one form of matter -- the rationalist scientific point of view -- or we can question those two assumptions and open ourselves to a more survival-friendly alternative. Does the evidence point us in one direction or the other?

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