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Hellenic Society Teams

Visit the Hellenic Society of Metaphysics' teams websites (mostly in Greek).
The greatest Greek portal concerning alternative research, parapsychology (physic research), esoterism, science, philosophy and other alternative matters in general. Here you can find Gateway Team member studies, collaborators' and visitors' studies, along with interviews, book reviews, magazine reviews, expeditions, and literature related texts. You can also share your thoughts in the forum.
Content in Greek.

Pytheas is a team of the Hellenic Society of Metaphysics dedicated in "research on the spot" in places in Greece and the rest of the World. It was founded from the members of the Gateway Team in 2004.
Until now its members have traveled in many mysterious places, such as "Dragon Houses" in Euvoia, the highest spot of Olympos (Mitikas), in Visoko of Bosnia for the matter of Bosnian Pyramids, in Istanbul of Turkey, in the island of Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem (Malta), in Samothraki (the home of Caverian Mysteries), etc. Content in Greek.

Fantasy Gate is a team of the Hellenic Society of Metaphysics dedicated in fantasy literature and other forms of art. It was founded in 2005 from the members of Gateway Team and until now had managed to present a great work of stories, poems, paintings, studies, etc. from the field of fantasy.
Content in Greek.

The Greek Forum of Hellenic Society of Metaphysics founded in 2002 from the members of Gateway Team. Until now it has more than 3.400 members and 28.000 discussion topics (May 2007). Among the members are some of the most important Greek researchers and investigators, writers and publishers of the field of paranormal in Greece. Content in Greek.

Research Community of Universities in Thessaloniki (Κ.Α.Π.Θ.) is a student based community the Hellenic Society of Metaphysics dedicated in scientific research of the field of paranormal and unexplained. It was founded by some members of Gateway Team in 2004 and until now has organized lines of lectures, film screenings and open discussions forum at classrooms of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Content in Greek. 

Other links

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The website of the most popular magazine concerning paranormal matters in the world.

The website of the British Society for Phychical Research, the oldest academic society studying the field of paranormal.

Paranormal Phenomena and the World's Greatest Unexplained Mysteries.

Brian Haughton's site: Strange People and Weird Stories.

Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world's most innovative biologists has revolutionised scientific thinking with his vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory.

Live Sience features articles about Forces of Nature, Technology, History, Enviroment and Health SciTech.

Harita Meenee is a famous Greek researcher. She focused on Jungian psychology, exploring feminine archetypal images in the Hellenic mythology and their significance for contemporary women.

ThothWeb is the next step in the development of the legendary Book of Thoth. Here we incorporate the wisdom of Ancient Egypt, Magick and the Tarot with philosophy, creativity and a quest for the truth.

Is Jesus Christ really the historical manifestation of Divus Julius? Read more about Francesco Carotta's investigative report.

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